Sazon of Santa Fe

This is one of my favorite restaurants in Santa Fe. I was so very happy to go. This place does not disappoint. We had a very knowledgeable staff person, who was very helpful. We wanted to get some appetizers for the table and she helped us with this. We wanted  to try the corn mold, huitlacoche. Trust me it is delicious. I would never ever think of eating something like this but it was featured on a Food Network show so why not try it. It is so delicious! If I didn’t tell you it was corn mold, you would never know. You can actually understand why this is a delicacy. Chef Fernando Olea’s version is spectacular. It is a rare treat. We have it every time we come to Sazon. I usually have the shrimp enchiladas. Yes, this is one time I eat fish in a restaurant. It was my favorite dish before I became a pescatarian verging on vegetarian. The sauce is incredible.

One of the specials for the evening was a tuna steak with a very tasty mole as pictured above.