Plaza Southside, Santa Fe

My quest to taste another Impossible Burger in New Mexico has happened finally. Previously, I wrote that an Impossible Burger was a plant based alternative to a meat hamburger. The Impossible Burger looks like meat, tastes like meat and is delicious.

We went to the Plaza Southside Cafe in Santa Fe. We had another Impossible Burger. The Plaza Southside’s version comes with a red onion, pickle, lettuce on a toasted bun. I choose the fries but you have a choice between fries, cole slaw or a 6 oz serving of soup. We had the additional topping of green chile for an upcharge of $1.25. Believe me the upcharge was well worth the price. The green chile was hot and had a nice zing. I thought it brought the entire burger experience to another level.

I really liked the toasted bun and the pickle on the burger.  I loved the thin fries. The fries were thin and lightly salted. The burger was moist and very tasty. I ordered my burger medium which was cooked perfectly.

The Plaza Southside proudly displays the appearance of the Impossible Burger right by the front door.

The Southside website opens with an announcement about the Impossible Burger. I don’t think the website has been updated to announce the increase in price. The Impossible Burger was $13.95 with upcharge $1.25 for the green chile. I will definitely be back.