The Kitchen, Santa Fe

The Kitchen is a very special place located on the grounds of the Plants of The Southwest  in Santa Fe. It is a restaurant oasis located just off of Agua Fria Street.

Two words of caution: The Kitchen is a cash only restaurant and you definitely need reservations. We were lucky in that our friends had scoped out the place and made reservations via voicemail.

We had the salad of the day for four people. It was delicious! We all had enough salad to share. It was beautiful and delicious. I loved all the fresh ingredients. It was so bright. The carrots were sweet and crunchy. Just the way I like them. For our meal, we choose the tomato and cheese flatbread. Our friends had the frittata. All the food tasted as good as it looked. I thought the flatbread was delicious with just enough tomato and definitely enough cheese.

We enjoyed the caradomom cake for dessert. It was lovely to look at and good to eat too.

The grounds are beautiful and the entire environment is lovely and laidback. What a wonderful restaurant!