Urban Hot Dog Company- Albuquerque

I grew up in a western suburb of Chicago. After college, I moved into the city of Chicago. I lived in the same neighborhood that Vienna Beef Company is located. They make Vienna Beef hotdogs. I grew up on hotdogs. For my birthday, we would have hotdogs and hamburgers. I love hotdogs, especially Vienna Beef Hot Dogs. Well, Urban Hot Dog Company in Albuquerque does hot dogs. I really enjoy their hot dog made of grilled tofu. It is delicious! I think it is a modern version of my favorite hot dogs from Vienna Beef. Of course, I always get the Chicago at Urban Hot Dog Company. The Chicago is dragged through the garden. This is UHDC’s description. Dragged through the garden means, onions, pickles, cucumber slices, tomato slices, neon green relish on a poppy seed bun.  I almost forgot. Urban Hot Dog Company put one sport pepper on my grilled tofu dog. I like my dog with lots of French’s Mustard. UHDC toasted their poppy seed bun. Yum!  I had this feast with some perfectly cooked French fries. The fries come with your choice of sauce. I, of course, had the sriracha aioli. The fries didn’t have a lot of salt, which made them even better. It was a delightful meal. My better half had the Rising Sun, grilled tofu dog. The Raising Sun is more adventurous than the Chicago. The Rising Sun had wasabi mayo, teriyaki sauce, shredded diakon radishes, and carrots with some pickled ginger, with some seaweed on top. The order of sweet potato fries were delicious too.

The entire endeavor means a special trip because I do not usually go to the west side of Albuquerque.  Urban Hot Dog was certainly worth the trip. Previously, I had gone to Bow and Arrow Brewery in Albuquerque and had a great tofu dog from Urban Hot Dog’s Food Truck. Oh yes, they have hot dogs made of beef,  pork sausage, Italian sausage, bratwurst, and fried cod fish.