Toltec Brewing Albuquerque

The next storefront from the Urban Hot Dog Company is Toltec Brewing.

A view from the bar @ Toltec Brewing ABQ


We have followed Kaylynn McKnight since she worked at La Cumbre Brewing. We were thrilled when she moved to Nexus Brewery. Now she is at Toltec Brewing Company. Hurrah! We have always enjoyed her beer. We knew that she brewed beer to go with the wonderful food at Nexus.

We didn’t have any food at Toltec Brewing but next time we will. As I explained in my last post about Urban Hot Dog Company, I have a thing about hot dogs. But getting back to Toltec Brewing. I think that McKnight has upped her game. We tried a sampler of 4 beers.  I had some of the best Kolsch beer, I have ever had in this country. This beer was on par with the beer that I had in Cologne. It was every bit as good. So good in fact that I took a growler home. I also enjoyed the Altbier as well. Since we have been having incredibly hot weather here in New Mexico right now,  I decided to go with the lighter kolsch to take home. The Altbier would be better for me in the fall. Just my personal preference. Once again, I would put this beer up against any European beer, too. The rye beer was delicious as well. We also had a sample of IPA which was very balanced.

At the bar of Toltec Brewing, ABQ

Sometimes brewers get a little carried away with their use of hops. This beer was very good and I usually do not like IPAs.

Next time we go, we will stop for dinner. Toltec has a good chef in David Ruiz. His food is always good and interesting.