Tribes- CoffeeHouse, Santa Fe

I had always driven by Tribes CoffeeHouse. I would actually stop to pick up a Santa Fe Reporter outside their front door. I thought that it was just about coffee and some snacks. Boy, was I wrong. I have been missing out for years. Tribes is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Tribes’s Bean & Spinach Burrito

I was glad a friend suggested we meet there. I throughly enjoyed picking out an iced tea! Decisions, decisions. I chose the black tea which was remarkable. It was real iced tea. It tasted fresh and confident. I like a strong tea. This tea certainly filled my requirement.

I thought it was cool that the person that took my order at the counter was the same person who ensured I received my order. I enjoyed the service. Next came my huge burrito with beans and spinach. Back in Chicago, where I lived before I saw the light, there was a burrito chain that advertised burritos as big as your head. Well, this burrito was large. It was wonderful and amazing! I loved the cheddar cheese in the burrito as well. The burrito was filled with beans (also a personal favorite), cheese (how could you go wrong), and of course spinach (my attempt to eat healthy).

This was a feast! I will be sure to be back. Look out, Plaza Cafe Southside, you have some worthy competition.