Celina’s Bisochitos, ABQ

Traditional Cookies made with Lard. I am gearing up for Christmas! Celina’s Biscochitos  is a tiny storefront where they making the Biscochito or Bizcochito. According to the Celina’s brochure which was packed with my purchase a “biscochito is a melt in your mouth lard based cookie flavored with anise seed, brandy, and cinnamon. It was developed by residents of New Mexico over centuries from the first Spanish colonists of New Mexico.”

You may be familiar with the Spanish word Bizcocho meaning pastries, cakes or cookies. According to Wikipedia “a biscochito is the diminutive of Bizcocho. This cookie is generally served for celebrations like Christmas. The biscochito was named the state cookie in 1989.” Ok, enough food anthropology.

I have only a few of these cookies every year. I start in November and end on Christmas Eve.

In my humble opinion, Celina’s has some of the best biscochitos I have ever tasted. The biscochito isn’t slick like other ones I’ve tasted. You can really taste the anise seed. I really enjoy that taste as well. We usually get the traditional and the red chile biscochitos.

The tiny storefront has other New Mexican products prominently displayed. The biscochitos are made onsite. We also were offered samples of the traditional and chocolate chip biscochitos. Yum! Celina’s hours are 9:30-4:00pm Monday-Friday and 9:00-1:00 on Saturday.

If you are going to visit, this small place gets slammed around Christmas time. So I would suggest you go earlier in December to avoid the big rush. Because this place is one of the best to get the biscochitos for your holiday.

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