Repeat Eats!

We had company from out of town so we visited some of our favorite places. First, we went to Paper Dosa. It was wonderful. It was a cold night and Paper Dosa served some tasty Sugar Pie Pumpkin Soup (Vegan), Yum! What a treat.

We also went back to Tumbleroot @ Agua Fría. We had the the Ryder’s Pretzel with farmhouse ale cheese sauce and horseradish mustard, and the artichoke and kale dip. The dip had Green Tractor purple and dino kale with Old Windmill Chervre with baby toast and veggies. Green Tractor is a local organic farm in La Cienega just south west of Santa Fe. Old Windmill Dairy is located in Escancia, New Mexico. We had the Mac and Cheese, it was smokey and delicious. I was very impressed. I also had an Octoberfest beer.

A Ryder’s Pretzel @ Tumbleroot
Ryder’s Pretzel @ Tumbleroot

I also went to Oasis Paletaria in the Design Center. The piñon paleta is my new favorite flavor. Sorry, grape(uva).

We went back to Root 66. They had a delicious tempeh Ruben sandwich as well as tempeh crab cakes. Both entrees had an amazing vegan potato salad. I never had vegan potato salad and once again I was surprised at how good it was. I certainly didn’t know. What a delicious eating adventure!

Our guests also ate at Santa Fe Bite. They were so impressed with the Green Chile cheese burgers that they went there twice during their stay. Sorry but Santa Fe Bite has Closed as of October 26.

On Friday, I picked up some pizzas at Bruno’s to bring home. Of course we had the veggie pizza. We had one pizza with Green Chile and one with Green Chile on the side. I bought a three meat pizza. The three meat pizza has sausage, pepperoni, and salami. We also got a sausage pizza. I heard the the last two pizzas were a big hit. I stuck with the veggie pizza with Green Chile, of course.

Last but not least we paid a visit to the Bonsai Asian Taco Food Truck and had their special the Bonsai Noodles bowl with tofu and an incredible hot sambal sauce. Wow! That sauce kept getting hotter and hotter. That’s why I soaked my noodles in it. There were lots of wonderful vegetables like carrots, zucchini , summer squash, mushrooms, snow pea pods, and onions with the noodles.

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