Alicia’s Tortilleria, Santa Fe

This place is a find! We only found out about this tortilleria through a course by Maria Elena Bustamante Bernal at Santa Fe Community College. We were fortunate to have her for the vegetarian street taco class. She highly recommended Alicia’s Tortilleria to buy tortillas. We learned that Alicia’s serves lunch and an early dinner. Alicia’s hours are 8 to 5pm. These are the winter hours. The Santa Fe Reporter recommended Alicia’s as well.

We had two chile rellenos burritos to go. These burritos were huge and delicious. I don’t even like chile rellenos but these were incredible. Yes, the chile rellenos were fried and put into a burrito. The tortillas are the best! They are so soft and fresh. I am at a loss for words to describe them.

The next time we went, we had the bean and cheese burritos. Wow! This was one of the best burritos that I have ever had. The beans were creamy. It was hot because I could see some green inside the cheese. So it was either the hot tomatillo sauce or some green chile. The green tomatillo sauce packs a punch so beware. I loved it! I made sure that the little to go plastic cup was generously applied to my burrito. Yum!

Alicia’s is a family run place. It is open Monday through Saturday from to 8 am to 5pm.




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