Dinner for Two, Santa Fe

We haven’t been back to Dinner for Two since their remodel. Sometimes I forget about this unassuming restaurant and I really shouldn’t. Every time I eat here I am reminded why I come for the good food. One of my favorite entrees is the Sampler. It is a seafood sampler that I particularly enjoy. Even though the wait person advised us that this is a light meal, that was exactly what I wanted, a tasting of fish. I do not eat fish often so I want a sampling of some of my favorites. This sampling did not disappoint. There was shrimp, crab cakes, and salmon, each done to perfection. The shrimp had a fried coconut coating. The crab cake was crab with very little else, while the salmon had a beautiful and tasty glaze. All of the above were equally delicious. Dinner for Two has quite an extensive wine list. I wanted something that would pair well with my food. I picked a Portuguese Vinho Verde. A nice young white wine paired very nicely with dinner. Ok, for my meat eating friends, our dining companion had the Filet Oscar. I had no idea what this was but it looked good for a meat centric entrée. I learned that the filet was covered with green chili queso and topped with lump crab. Wow! A surf and turf combination, little did I know. Our companion savored this entrée as much as we enjoyed ours. Needless to say, I didn’t leave any room for the delightful deserts. Next time, because there will always be a next time for Dinner for Two.*Since my visit a calamari ceviche has been added to the sampler(23)

** I did not choose the vegetarian entrée, the red chile enchilada with oyster mushroom spinach and goat cheese(22).

Dinner for Two has a weekly Sunday Dinner special with bread, 8 choices of entrees and several dessert choices.

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