Cowgirl BBQ, Santa Fe

The Cowgirl BBQ is a Santa Fe institution. We started eating there when we were tourists visiting Santa Fe. On our current visit Cowgirl seemed to have a mix of tourists and locals enjoying the ambiance. There is something for almost everyone on its menu. It is a meat centric restaurant but Cowgirl has diversified its menu to include some vegetarian meals.

I hadn’t been there for awhile so I was looking for something hardy and vegetarian. I found the Nuthouse House Nut Burger (10.50) which far exceeded my expectations. This house made burger was made with organic red quinoa, garbanzo beans, ground almonds and pecans, with roasted garlic a few smears of pesto with tomatoes on a brioche bun. It was delicious! So much so that even the carnivores at the table wanted a sample of my entrée. I ordered the green chile strips(a dollar upcharge) but did not receive them.??
The burger came with fries and coleslaw which just added to my enjoyment as did the Adobe Igloo beer from Santa Fe Brewing. It was a good and hearty meal for a cold night in Santa Fe.

Cowgirl’s Nut Burger
A delicious vegetarian burger

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