High and Dry Brewing, Albuquerque

I had heard about High and Dry Brewing because of their collaboration with Dialogue Brewing. When I saw a Groupon Albuquerque  for High and Dry, I jumped at the chance to go there.

I received two tastings with two pints for 16 dollars. It certainly was a great deal because I enjoyed all the High and Dry beers, even the IPAs. That is saying something. Usually when I go beer tasting, it is delightful to find one or two beers that I like in a flight. I never have any expectations that I will like all the beers that I sample. But at High and Dry, I did. It was hard to pick a beer for my pint. I especially liked Special Shapes but I wasn’t sure about its alcohol content and driving. So I picked another favorite to have, the Sundown wheat, that had a touch of orange. It was a delicious beer! The orange was very, very subtle and you could taste it on your tongue just before you swallowed the beer. It wasn’t overpowering at all. The orange was just enough so you knew it was there.

I liked the vibe of this place. It seems like a neighborhood joint on a side street, Adams, off of Lomas. Our bartender, Jill was very, very helpful and knowledgeable about High and Dry’s beer. We had a very interesting discussion about New Mexican beer, wine, and spirits. I find this to be universal at breweries, we talk about other breweries, vineyards, distilleries and share interesting information.

I thought it was very interesting that High and Dry had different flavors of Paletas that you could dip into a beer to make a shandy. Jill said she had this type of beer drink when she was in Costa Rica. You learn something new every day.

A Food truck, Franky’s Burgers, appeared at 4 but wasn’t set up yet, so another time. Franky’s Burgers is open from 5 to 9. It was there for Taco Tuesday, so Franky’s has tacos, too.

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