Poki Poblano, Closed!!!

Sadly, Poki Poblano has closed. We went back to Poki Poblano. (I know, again). But I love this place. This time Poki Poblano had a new menu. We started with two great appetizers; the sweet potato kimchi pancakes(8) and the spinach and plantain empanadas with vegan feta cheese and pine nuts (12).

It was Taco Tuesday, so we got three vegan tacos, the Beer Battered Avocado, Al Pastor, and the Asada (4 dollars apiece on Taco Tuesday).  You would never, ever think that these beautiful works of art were vegan. I know that I was amazed.

I find it totally incredible that I only go to the vegan section of the menu. I laugh because I was never a fan of vegan food. Remember that I am a cheese lover. I don’t miss the absence of cheese on these menu items. I have found that vegan food means great use of spices. Yes, good spices are better than cheese. Did that phrase actually come out of my mouth??

Marisol, our waitperson, remembered us and said that Poki had a new menu. She was also very attentive without being obtrusive. She was as excited to be there as were we.

There is also meat and fish on this menu so all kinds of plant, meat, or fish eaters can come here, and find something very tasty.

Also Chef Elvis is running the kitchen. Chef Elvis is a very creative and inventive chef. He was behind the now defunct Pasión Latin Fusion Restaurant. His food was wonderful but the location wasn’t.

If you want to see an enticing online menu, check out Poki Poblano’s website. It almost made me drool.

We went back yet again between the time I wrote the above. Of course, it was Taco Tuesday. We had our entire order to go. We ordered the exact same items as before except instead of the empanadas I had the Vegan Korean Fries,(11) which were soy curls, siracha, vegan chipotle mayo, , avocado sauce, and vegan crema. Sorry I do not have any photos of the fries because I ate them before I thought to take a picture.

Marisol was kind enough to separate the contents from the Taco shell so that the tacos weren’t soggy. Thank you, Marisol that was extremely thoughtful. This was a very special meal because we were celebrating our anniversary.

As always I really enjoy the vibe of the place, the service-Marisol you make us feel special, and of course spectacular food.

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