Dr. Field Goods Kitchen, Santa Fe

I knew about Dr. Field Goods Kitchen  because one of my friends went there and fell in love with their bacon burger. It is actually a burger made with bacon no hamburger just bacon. We had also seen the Dr. Field Goods Food Truck on several occasions.

This is another meat centric restaurant but I was intrigued with their vegetarian options included in their online menu. So we went for a late take out lunch. I was glad that we were doing carry out because on the day we chose to go Dr. Field Goods Kitchen was having problems with their heating system.

The online menu didn’t post any prices but we were handed a menu as soon as we entered. It is a delightfully small place with a bar in the center of the room. Our waitperson was polite and had some suggestions.

We ordered 2 of the hand held vegetable burritos and an order of egg rolls (2 in an order) ((6.50).The egg rolls came with a wonderful peanut sauce that had a nice kick. The vegetable burritos were all vegetables not vegetables with beans and rice. The burrito had carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, fennel, and some green chile in a flour tortilla. It was delicious! I really enjoyed the taste and the flavor. Yum! I know that Dr. Field Goods is a fresh ingredients farm to table place and the food I had really showed this aspect.

The next time we went to Dr. Field Goods we ate there. As before, we were warmly greeted by the door. This time we decided to try their sodas. We had the Cherry Vanilla Cream Soda that tasted like a Cherry Garcia ice cream that as melted into your glass. I had the Cherry Limeade (4.50) with light sugar. It was absolutely delicious! It was so refreshing and flavorful.

We had the Kimchi Patatas Braves (9.50) for the table. It was some of the best Patatas Bravas I have ever eaten. The kimchi was wonderful while the aioli added to the flavor.

I had the vegetable green Chile enchiladas. I thought it was a bit pricey(16) until the enchilada was brought to the table. The enchilada covered the entire plate. It came out bubbling hot. The cheese was still bubbling on the edges. I was overwhelmed with the size. The cheese and the vegetables were perfectly cooked. I love it when the cheese sticks to the side of the dish and you can peal the cheese off the side. I did the best I could to devore this masterpiece. Alas, I wasn’t able to finish this culinary work of art so I brought the rest home. The layers of corn tortillas were incredible with vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, and some mushrooms were perfect comfort food for a cold snowy day.

Dr. Field Goods does have alcohol (beer and wine) we thought that the soda drinks were just fine without any alcohol.

This is my new favorite restaurant in Santa Fe. Well, at least for now…


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