My Best of 2018

These are just the best places that I have been to in 2018. If I haven’t been there in 2018, it is not going to be on my list.

Best inexpensive restaurant: Santa Fe,Alicia’s, downtown Santa Fe, Tres Colores

Best Mac and Cheese: Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery

Best New Food Truck: Root 66 (Vegan)

Best Food Truck: Bonsai Asian Tacos( Asian Food) Bruno’s  (Pizza), Bang Bite (Fries)

Best White Table Cloth: Sazon

Best Family Restaurant: Valentina’s(Mexican), Plaza Cafe Southside

Best coffee shop with food: Tribes Coffee House

Best Indian Food: Paper Dosa

Best Restaurants to visit during Restaurant Week in Santa Fe: Joseph’s, Sazon,  Paper Dosa, and Paloma 

Best Cocktails: Secreto Lounge, and Tonic. I haven’t been to La Reina yet, so 2019

Best Brewpub food: Rowley’s Farmhouse Ales,Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery , Albuquerque: Bosque BrewingToltec Brewing

Best Tasting Room: Santa Fe: Santa Fe Brewing’s The Brake Room, Albuquerque: Casa Casa Rondena , High and Dry Brewing, Bow and Arrow Brewing, Dialogue Brewing, and Bosque Brewing,

Best Pizza: Bruno’s

Best Vegan Food Restaurant: Albuquerque: Poki Poblano, Thai Vegan , Farm & Table, their Vegan Dinner

Best Vegetarian Hot Dog: Albuquerque: Acre Restaurant Urban Hot Dog Company

Best Dessert: Paletaria Oasis

Best Impossible Burger: Plaza Café Southside and Rowley’s Farmhouse Ales



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