Local Goods

I don’t always eat out. There are plenty of interesting food and drink options around Santa Fe and Albuquerque to make eating at home interesting. I just wanted to share a few with you.

I usually do not drink soda. I drink water. When I want a soda to drink, I have a Zia Root Beer. It is really good. Zia Root Beer is made in Santa Fe. It isn’t as carbonated as regular soda(from what I can remember). Zia has a definite clove taste. It is made from cane sugar. The herbs give a natural, clean, and crisp taste. Every now and then I like a root beer instead of a beer.  The company, Zia Energia, makes Zia Root Beer also produces a very tasty ginger ale and an interesting piñon cream soda. Zia Energia gives a percentage of their profits back to the Zia Pueblo. I thought that was cool, too. They had a display at the The Food Depot’s Souper Bowl. At the Souper Bowl, I was able to talk to a very enthusiastic partner in this venture, Sonia Leyba. I paid 3 dollars for a bottle which also included a very cool bottle opener at the Souper Bowl.  I had first encountered Zia Root Beer at Rowley’s Farmhouse Ales. So even designated drivers can enjoy a beer,

Gilly Loco Salsa is a winner! It is made in Albuquerque. I have used it for years to enhance my food. All Gilly Loco Salsas are 100% natural, verified Non-GMO, and Gluten free plus they taste good.  I love Gilly Loco Tomatillo Verde on my burritos, tacos, or any Mexican food.  It has a little bit of heat but is very flavorful. On the label this particular one is noted as toasty. Not too hot but warm enough to have a kick. Gilly Loco produces 7 different salsas: Traditional (red) which is also toasty, Chipotle (red) also toasty, Salsa Roja (red)and toast, Ghost Pepper(red) Loco hot, and Ghost Pepper Chili Verde(green) also Loco Hot. You can find Gilly Loco at My Sprouts Store in Santa Fe.

Recently, I have fallen in love with Mujeres en Acción, a non-profit organization that employs women, which is also located in Albuquerque. I get my tamales through MoGro. Mujeres en Acción Tamales are also carried at La Montanita Coop


MoGro carries two kinds of tamales, green chile and cheese( vegetarian) and zucchini and mushroom(Vegan). Both are great! Both kinds of tamales cost 11 dollars per 6 in a package. They are well worth it. I love the masa!

In fact, one of the photos shows these beautiful tamales with Gilly Loco sauce. Yum! I am getting hungry just writing about this delicious combination.



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