Joseph’s Culinary Pub, Santa Fe

During Restaurant Week, we try to go to some of our favorite restaurants. We are usually reminded how these establishments are our favorites. Joseph’s Culinary Pub is one such restaurant. We were very impressed with the Restaurant Week menu so we made reservations through Open Table.

i was especially interested in the carrot dog appetizer. Joseph Wrede is an innovative chef. He always amazes me with what he thinks up and what he can do with food.

To start, our party had the salad, poke, and I had the carrot dog. What a pleasant surprise! The carrot dog was in a bun with salsa on top and scallions on the side. It was so delicious. I almost forgot to take a photo. It was spicy and marinated well. I overheard from another waitperson that it was marinated and broiled. I would go to Joseph’s to have a beer and a carrot dog! For our entree, we had the vegetarian enchilada and our companion had the lamb banana curry. The enchilada was layered with vegetables. Our waiter said that there was a combination of root vegetables in the enchilada. I thought there was mushrooms, corn, zucchini, summer squash, raddicio, and green rice. It was topped with picó de guillo with a delicious red sauce. It also came with some pickled onions and sour creme. We could feed many people with this entree. It was huge. I was really impressed. I had the sorbet assortment for dessert. But the butterscotch was the star dessert.

The auxillary staff was quick and efficient. Several described the details of the dish which was very helpful. They were also very enthusiastic about the food.

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