Sazón, Santa Fe Temporarily closed

There was a fire at Sazón on Sunday May 12. Temporarily closed.Another one of my favorite restaurants in Santa Fe is Sazón.  I just love this place. It is my go to restaurant for big celebrations. We also take people from out of town here.

To start, we were offered a small plate of tortillas with all the moles of the evening. So you could taste them before you ordered your meal.

We selected a wonderful Mexican wine! I never had a Mexican wine until I had come here. The wine paired well with the items we selected.

For our first course we had a choice of black bean soup or the salad of the house. The black bean soup is served with puréed bacon. The soup comes with onions, corn strips, sour cream, bacon crumbles, and cheese. A salad as tasty as it was good looking. The salad had mango, baby spinach, cheese, and onions. (It has bacon crumbles as well, but we didn’t get them.)

We had the tower of vegetables that included sautéed Poblano  peppers, tomatoes, summer squash, zucchini, and green rice over Mole Verde with a ring of fiery red mole on the side. An incredible shrimp enchilada with a creamy sauce of zucchini blossoms to match was what our friend had.

There was a wonderful volcán de chocolate with a chocolate sauce and a delicious princessa pastry with raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries which was delicious.

Geraldo was an attentive waitperson. He remembered us from our last visit in September. (He has been our waitperson for several visits.)  Auxiliary staff incredible as well. A very elegant place that is our favorite restaurant in Santa Fe. This is the place where you take people from out of town to be wowed. The matrede has a hawk eye and carefully watches over the dining room. Ladies purses are place on little stools so that the purse doesn’t sit on the floor. ( This is the only restaurant that I have been to that does this.)

Chef Fernando Olea personally works the crowd in the dining  room. He visited every table to talk to his guests.

The Restaurant week special this scumptous  meal was 45 dollars per person. The wine and tip were extra.

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