Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen, Santa Fe

We met a friend here for dinner. It was raining. Yes, it sometimes rains even in Santa Fe. I hadn’t been to Sweetwater Kitchen in a while and was interested to see what delicious new concoctions were on their menu. I have always thought that Sweetwater was a cutting-edge vegetarian/vegan restaurant that served meat and fish. It is a restaurant that serves good food.

For starters we had the Patatas Bravas (vegetarian (8) which were roasted fingerling potatoes tossed in a chipotle dressing and topped with Parmingiano cheese and parsley. This appetizer was a tasty start to any meal. The potatoes were roasted and are starting to edge out French Fries for me. (Not yet, but soon) I just love these tasty morsels.

I had a cup of the soup of the day, a carrot and coconut milk soup. I wanted to lick the cup, but I was in public. Instead I scraped the side of the cup (5) until it was clean.

I had the warm glass noodle bowl (15) which was Vegan!) This dish had yam noodles (see cutting edge) tossed in a stir fry of seasonal vegetables with a spicy tahini sauce. I could drink this sauce all on its own. It was outstanding. There was a subtle amount of kick, but it didn’t overpower the noodles. You could get this entrée with sprouted tofu (3), tempeh (3) Buffalo sausage (4) ((not in my presence)) or shrimp (5).

My better half had the Kimchi Fried Rice. Of course! This entrée had fried brown rice with kimchi, snap peas, green peas, baby bok choy topped with a fried organic egg.(15) Again you could have the additions of sprouted tofu(3), crumbled Beelers Bacon(3) No Bison Sausage in front of me(4) or shrimp(5).

It was a beautiful display of incredible food. I actually got a taste. Wow! The kimchi rocked the house. If you are a kimchi lover this entrée is a must for you.

When I am eating vegan/vegetarian, I seem to always find room for dessert. The gluten free selections included an Almond thumbprint with raspberry and apricot jam, incredibly gorgeous organic mixed berries pie, and a flan. I ordered way too many cookies and took them home. The pie was one of the most generous helpings of pie I had ever seen in my life.

Our server was delightful and added to the enjoyment of the meal.

We had a wonderful time and will be back for dinner. Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen is another restaurant that is now open for dinner. It used to be open Thursday through Saturday, but they have extended their supper hours. I’m glad they did.

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