Radish and Rye, Santa Fe

We had some friends from out of town who wanted to go to Radish and Rye. I really enjoy the Bourbon cocktails there. The food was good, too. To start, we were greeted with an amuse bouche of duck fat popcorn. It looked very pretty. (No, I didn’t eat any).

Duck Fat Popcorn

We went with the small plate options. I had the pinto bean hummus with spicy pickles and crostini 10) and the sweet corn fritters, jalapeno with green goddess dip(12). The pinto bean hummus reminded me of chickpea hummus. The pickles were four thinly sliced carrots with two radish slices in the center of the hummus. there was also a little pickled cauliflower floret and a pepper slice. I had never had corn fritters but had plenty of green goddess salad dressing. This dip was entirely different(better) than any green goddess, I have ever tasted. Yum!

People at the table had fried green tomatoes with pimento cheese (13) smoked brisket with iceberg lettuce with blue cheese and avocado (18) and charred broccolini with hatch red Mornay and crispy leeks(14). The broccolini was a star. It was perfectly done and tasty as well.

For our cocktails, we had the 505 Manhattan (12) and the seasonal shrub smash (12). I had the smash which was citrusy and refreshing. I had vaguely heard of a smash. The waitperson was kind enough to explain that it was a colonial drink. The signature cocktail list had many ingredients that I wasn’t familiar with which was good because this made this outing an adventure. In fact, the bar was very inviting.

For dessert we had a Kentucky Butter cake for the table. The salted bourbon caramel really added to the experience as did the Blanton’s. It was delicious.

Radish and Rye has moved to a new location on Cerrllios. Radish and Rye are right next door to where the Talin Market, Santa Fe was. This is a very good location.

The waitperson was knowledgeable and helpful. The assisting staff were efficient as well.

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