Callejon, Golden, CO

We wanted to go to a restaurant that we hadn’t been to before. We decided to go to Callejon in Golden. It is a very small restuarant with seating outside. We arrived after lunch so we were able to get a small table inside. We were told that Callejon specializes in Columbian food. For such a small space, the menu was quite extensive. The choices were almost overwhelming. However, Callejon had pupusas on the menu. They were labeled as gourmet pupusas. How could I resist! There was also horchata(5)! I couldn’t believe my luck.

I had the green chile (6.50) and a black bean (6.50) pupusa. Callejon’s pupusas were made with corn masa and stuffed with cheese along with your selections. Meat eaters also had many options like chicken or pork. The pupusas were served with some pico de gallo, red salsa and a chipotle salsa that had a nice kick. They were huge pupusas! Needless to say, I had to bring some food home. It was delicious. Despite the crowds of people in Golden, Callejon felt like an oasis. I think callejon means passageway or alley in Spanish. That is an apt description because this restaurant sure was long and narrow.

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