Bosque Brewing, Bernalillo

We have been wanting to visit Bosque Brewing since it opened. Friday night was the perfect time to check it out. We went early to avoid some of the heavy duty construction traffic. I mean that road is particularly busy but the construction made the trip even worse. So if you decide to venture out to Bosque Brewing in Bernalillo beware of US 550.

Good thing the beer was so good and the views on the second floor were spectacular! We went upstairs to see the incredible view of the Sandia Mountains. You could also see some of the Rio Grande. There is plenty of outside seating making this a perfect place to be in the spring or summer. We also were able to see that huge full moon. Wow! Talk about a picturesque place!

We have always been huge fans of Bosque Beer. Regularly going to their initial place off of San Mateo in Albuquerque was always a good time.
This time they had a nitro cherry stout. My photo says it all. It was absolutely delicious.

We used to get the falafel sliders at San Mateo location. They had a great tzatziki sauce and a nice size slice of onion. The current version of house-made green chile falafel, hummus, mixed greens, tomato, kalamata olives, red onions, and tzatziki sauce is served in a pita (9). I think it was a busy night because all of the sauce and good stuff were at the very bottom of the pita. I guess I was spoiled by the sliders. I put mustard on the falafel. But the fries were exceptional! They were hot and perfectly spiced, The fries were delicious with the nitro stout. That was an excellent combination of beer and bar food. Shawn, our server, added to the experience. He was enthusiastic and very helpful.

Happy Hours are Sunday through Thursday from 3 to 6. At that time you will get a dollar off of a 16oz or 10oz beer.

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