My To Do list!

First of all on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I am taking a some time to think about what this great man accomplished in this incredible country of ours.

I have plotted out a to do list of places I thought I would check out this year. I am also going to pursue more grilling experiences. I really like to cook on our Weber grill year round. It is fun and I really like the taste of charcoal flavored food. I’m checking out Mark Bittman’s book about Grilling. There is also another book that I purchased called The Ultimate Vegan Barbecue Cookbook by Nadine Horn and Jorg Mayer.

The restaurants that I would like to visit are: Sazón, in Santa Fe. It has reopened after almost a year of being closed due to a fire. I have missed this place greatly but am very happy it has reopened. There was a fire in their offices in May and Sazon was able to open lately. Thank, goodness!!!

Santarepa Cafe, is a Venezuelan restaurant near the O’Keeffe Museum on Johnson Street in Santa Fe. Santarepa Cafe specializes in arepas, which are made from ground maize dough. Arepas are incredible! Just like pupusas!
Theo Gio’s Mac and Cheese in Santa Fe. Because you can never, ever get enough Mac and Cheese especially with green chile. This restuarant used to be called Macalicious. I have a very funny story to tell you about Mac and Cheese. You see I was raised on Mac and cheese from the blue box. That was my childhood experience with Mac and cheese.

Eloísa is another restaurant that I want to visit in Santa Fe. The cocktails were great and the food was good but it has been years since I was last there.

Rowley’s Farmhouse Ales won lots of awards at the Great American Beer Fest for beer and its food. I need to check it out.

I’m still looking for a cheap and delicious Italian restaurant in Santa Fe. Some people told me about Piccolino’s in Santa Fe so maybe I get there this year.

Chez Mamou, a French Restaurant also in Santa Fe . I have heard some real good things about it from my French foodie friends.

Fun Noodle Bar in Albuquerque should be an interesting experience. Apparently the chef makes hand made noodles in his kitchen and you can watch him.

One of my friends suggested a cheese and coffee place in Albuquerque that sounded like fun. I don’t remember its name but I’m sure my friends will know.

I also wanted to try a place called Burger 21 in Albuquerque. They have several interesting burgers like a black bean, impossible burger, and a Cali burger that is an ahi tuna burger.

Food Loses of 2019

My favorite food truck in Santa Fe, Bonsai Asian Tacos is gone. Sorry. I miss them…

I keep reading the website for Root 66 Food Truck. They said that a brick and mortar place would happen on 1704 Lena Street in Santa Fe. I’m still waiting. Meanwhile the Root 66 food truck has migrated to Albuquerque.

Root 66 Food truck

In Albuquerque, Poki Poblano closed. It was a great vegan restaurant….

Good Things on the Horizon!!

Restaurant Week is coming…. Yeah! The dates this year are Feb 23 to March 1, 2020 in Santa Fe. While Albuquerque Restaurant week is March 8 to March 15, 2020.

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