Cowgirl BBQ, Santa Fe

We hadn’t been to Cowgirl BBQ for about a year. I was very excited about their online menu which featured gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan food. That was just so cool! I figured that the in house menu would be the same. I was sadly mistaken. Oh, well. Since I did remember one item that was … Continue reading Cowgirl BBQ, Santa Fe

Grilling at Home

It may seem that I am always eating out but I really don’t. We try to pick up take-out once a week just so our favorite restaurants are still there after COVID-19. This Sunday it was nice enough to get out the grill and start grilling again. I started with carrots. Always a favorite of … Continue reading Grilling at Home

Buy Local

Saturday November 28 was Small Business Saturday. It is the state of New Mexico’s way of helping promote small businesses throughout the state. It was a tax free day. This was an outgrowth of Black Friday. I thought about all the small businesses, especially restaurants, who are hurting at this time. Since we were still … Continue reading Buy Local