Cooking at Home 2

Lately, I’ve been eating more at home. I have also started cooking more. I am so proud of my own personal “farm to table”. I grew the summer squash that you see in the photos below. Yes!!!! You can take me out of the Midwest but I still need to grow some of my own food. The other vegetables you see pictured are from MoGro. Yes, MoGro is back up and running. MoGro travels to Santa Fe every other week.

MoGro has a strict new policy of wearing masks and staying in your car while the MoGro people put your bag of fruits, vegetables and staples in your trunk. It’s 30 dollars paid online. Online ordering ends on Monday for a Wednesday Pickup from 3-6. There is a sliding scale for people to make these important items affordable to all. Nice Work, MoGro!

This Weeks Share Included:

  • Beefsteak Tomatoes, Spring Onions
  • Bunched Chard, Purple Carrots
  • Lettuce, Pears
  • Pineapple, Citrus Mix (lemons and Oranges)
  • Pinto Beans, Chile Pods, and Tortillas

I had never heard of purple carrots before. These carrots were delicious with a yellow center. I had to get them because of course they were carrots! Chard is not one of my favorite vegetables but it tasted much better on the grill. The squash was so sweet and tender. I was glad I caught them when they were little. Often I forget to check the squash in the garden and they turn into small baseball bats.

The vegetables were lightly coated with olive oil and spiced with Penzey’s Mural of Flavor. I cooked them for about 4 minutes on each side for the squash while the carrots were about 5 minutes a side depending on the thickness. The chard burns almost immediately so it is a quick on and off.

Penzey’s Spice Mural of Flavor

You can put more spices on after the vegetables are taken off of the grill. I’m going to discuss Penzey’s spices a little more next week.

I had these delicious vegetables as sides for lunch. I also grilled some more Impossible Burgers for a delightful meal.

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