Cooking At Home

In honor of Father’s Day, I grilled. I have really enjoyed firing up the grill this year. I love carrots. They are one of my favorite vegetables. So if any food that has in it carrot, I am usually very enthusiastic to try. As you may remember in a previous post last year, I extolled SouthPark Seafood in Portland.

We ordered their dukkah carrots in the bar. Carrots as bar food??? It was something new for me. So being that it was carrots, I ordered the dish. It went so well with a nice cold beer. The spices were so incredible.I had never tasted anything that crunchy and spice forward. The dish depended upon the spices in order to succeed. I told my better half that she could do this. Thank Goodness that she is always up for a challenge.

I found this recipe by Adeena Sussman. I also learned from Ms. Sussman that dukkah is an Egyptian spice blend. Wow! I’m going international. How cool is that!!! I have included her recipe above. We make it our own by using pistachio and almonds instead of hazelnuts. The spices are combined and toasted in the toaster oven not in a skillet as mentioned above. Dukkah lasts for several servings of carrots. Dukkah carrots are especially wonderful on a charcoal grill.

I also grilled pineapple. I got this idea from my good friend, M. Houdek. Thanks again!!!

I grill the pineapple and the carrots for about 3 minutes on each side. This really depends on how hot your charcoal is. Sometimes it is a little less other times, I grill a little longer. But the main thing is to time the fruit and vegetables.

As you can see I’m also grilling Impossible Burgers. I grill them for 3 minutes on each side as well. I also use a meat thermometer to make sure the internal temperature is 160. Usually, the grill has to be somewhere near 300 degrees to get that temperature.

The Impossible Burger with dukkah carrots and pineapple

Thanks again to all of you! Stay Safe!

I am really enjoying my renewed interest in grilling.


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