Fun Noodle Bar, Albuquerque

I recently read a very good review of Fun Noodle Bar in The Albuquerque Alibi. Since we were headed to Albuquerque, we thought it would be an interesting place to eat. I love noodles!! The Alibi review emphasized that the noodles were hand made at Fun Noodle Bar. You could actually see the chef making these delicious noodles. It was interesting to watch.

I had checked out the menu online before we went. There were not many vegetarian noodle dishes. So I asked our waiter about which dishes who he recommend for a vegetarian. He said that none of the noodle soups could be changed. Ok, I totally get that. He pointed to a few of the dishes listed on the menu and said they could be made with vegetables. Another alternative was fried rice. I didn’t want fried rice. Why would I want fried rice at a noodle shop?
I didn’t want the Pad Thai because it had to spicy peppers next to it on the menu. I haven’t been feeling great so I chose the pan fried sliced noodles with vegetables. I didn’t want to do too spicy. However, my spouse choose that Pad Thai with shrimp.

The noodles were absolutely delicious!! Wow! The sauce was good as well. The vegetables were cooked perfectly but I would have liked to have a few more. The chef is pictured in the far right corner of the inside view of the restaurant.

On a totally different topic except for noodles, there is a newish ramen restaurant in Santa Fe, Mampuku Ramen on Cerrillos Rd. just past St. Michael. I couldn’t find a website but there is a wonderful review in the Santa Fe Reporter. My spouse makes delicious ramen but this place might be worth checking out. This is a family who also owns a ramen noodle restaurant on Central in Albuquerque called, Naruto.


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