New Year’s Resolution

Even though I said that I can’t, won’t, or do not care to cook, I can. The barbecue grill is my forte. I don’t always eat out either. We enjoy many home cooked meals prepared by my spouse. I’m lucky.

When I was single I used to grill all year round. Yes, the barbecue grill and my mircowave were my best food friends. This year, I decided to check out meat alternatives that I can put out on the grill and cook myself.

I tried two different meat alternatives, LightLife Italian Sausages and Beyond Meat Italian Sausages. I used to love Italian sausage when I ate meat. But meat sausages didn’t always love me. Sometimes I thought that the sausage was a little greasy. It kind of left me with a queasy feeling. But now these meat alternatives do not leave me with those feelings.

Each package contains 4 sausages. I thought that the Beyond Meat sausage was a little bit more moist. The first ingredient on its label was water. The LightLife were light and tasted like meat or rather the idea of meat that I have in my head. I thought that pineapple would be a nice addition to the meal. It was also on sale so good on me. I like the idea of cooking fruit. The pineapple caramelized and was really sweet.

I didn’t put anything on the sausages. I followed the directions. Something I do not do on a regular basis. But I thought that maybe since this was the first time I was cooking these products that I would actually pay attention to how they were supposed to be cooked. It all worked out well. Also I signed up on the Beyond Meat Website to get coupons and news updates about their products.

Disclaimer: I checked out one sausage of each which is why you only see 3 of each sausage. Sorry, I got very hungry.

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