The Plaza Cafe, Santa Fe

I haven’t been to The Plaza Cafe in Santa Fe for many years. Their sister restaurant, The Plaza Cafe Southside is one of my favorite restaurants so we usually end up going there. Plus the Plaza Southside is a lot closer to my house.

I was also very happy that I had my first ever stuffed sopaipilla here. The Plaza Cafe is all so very historic. The Plaza Cafe dates back to 1905. It is the oldest restaurant in Santa Fe. But its food is always delicious and dependable. That’s why I chose to have my first stuffed sopaipilla here. As always, I ordered Christmas as my chile choice (a combination of red and green). The menu advises you that their chile is hot because it is. I am used to eating hot chile but for tourists this was a nice precaution. A Sopaipilla is fried quick bread. I got mine stuffed with calabacitas ( zucchini and summer squash with onions). The Sopaipilla was topped with lots of melted cheese (12.95)*. It was served with some of the best beans I have ever had as well as some of the best rice I have ever tasted. I think I could have had just the beans and rice and I would have been incredibly happy. Wow! What a good meal.

My better half had the Huevos Rancheros which are served all day. There were two fried eggs with yellow corn tortillas. Huevos Rancheros were smothered with red or green chile and topped with cheese. They were accompanied with pinto beans and hash browns(11.45).*

Eventhough it was the beginning of March, the Plaza still had lights up from the holidays. I thought it was a nice touch. I love these lights.
*These are prices listed on the Plaza Cafe’s online menu. I forgot to check the menu at the restaurant. Sorry, I’m sure these prices are the same.

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