Tumbleroot, Santa Fe

We were looking for a casual place to meet a friend. Since we had not been to Tumbleroot in a long time, I suggested that we meet up there. The ordering system has changed as has the menu since the last time we were there. Now you have to go up to the bar counter to get a food order and your drinks. This same system was previously used at Santa Fe Brewing in one of their previous iterations. It works well if you display your number so that the server can readily see it. This system is actually very efficient. We were also trying out the new food truck that has a vegan/ vegetarian leaning chef. Chef Melissa Dominquez has made some very tasty additions to the Tumbleroot menu. We always have the Ryder’s pretzel(5) because it has been consistently great with a queso sauce and a fabulous mustard dipping sauce. This time the pretzel came in bite size pieces for easier dipping. I forgot to ask to hold the salt so I just scraped the salt off before dipping in the sauces.

We tried the samosas (happy hour special 5). There were two samosas in the serving that had potatoes, peas and a nice tangy chutney. I have always been a big fan of samosas but these are some of the best that I have ever had. Wow!

We also decided on the stuffed artichoke hearts with goat cheese, mint and lemon zest. They hit the spot. Next we also ordered the vegetable tempura, which was light and very crunchy. I really like the green chiles and the onion.

This is also my favorite place to get a sazerac. Sadly, this drink is not on the menu anymore but the bartender honored my request. My friend said “What kind of a drink is that? They sure didn’t give you very much.” I said that was plenty for me to drink very slowly to savor the flavors. This sazerac rivals any drink I have ever had in New Orleans. I know because I used to go there on a yearly basis. Let’s just say that I have had a couple over the years.

We are definitely going back especially in the summer. There is a nice family friendly outside. I like the laid back feeling to this place and they have live music, too. The food is great and the drinks and beer are, too.

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