Things are getting very serious out there!

This week instead of a food review, I’m going to share a link I received this morning from the Santa Fe Reporter. This link lets you know which restaurants are offering curbside service here in Santa Fe.
Our governor, Michelle Lujan-Grisham has ordered bars and restaurants to be closed as well as all nonessential businesses (today). I get that.

I just came back from Spain where the government closed down bars, restaurants, museums, beaches, and churches. At this time, I have another week to go of my self quarantine.

Please people it is serious out there. It is time for all of us to step up. Consider making a donation or helping out a restaurant on this list by ordering some food. Sazón has a minimum order that includes a 20% tip for the staff. The PlazaSouthside has set up a GoFund Me page to help out their staff. La Boca has a curbside menu that includes paella. Arroyo Vino has a different to go menu every week. These are just the restaurants that I happened to be on their mailing lists. I’m sure there are many more restaurants stepping up to help their people.

Maybe help out the Food Depot or Kitchen Angels with some cash or donate some food or even volunteer.

I came back to a country that is hoarding toilet paper. I really don’t understand that. Why?

I’m washing my hands, wiping down surfaces, and staying away from people along with restaurants and bars. We are cooking at home until we can go out.

For those of you who do not live in Santa Fe, please help your local people. We have to remember to take care of one another. It is scary out there. Please do whatever you can.

Remember to be safe. Be nice. We all could use some niceness now. Thank you for whatever you do. I, for one, will greatly appreciate it.

This was on a wall in Barcelona, Spain.

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