Self-Quarantine Week 2

We decided to celebrate the ending of our self-quarantine this week by having a delicious Gardein Holiday Roast, that came from our freezer. Previously, we had enjoyed another holiday roast treat in one of Amanda’s classes at Santa Fe Community College. This Holiday Roast was a meatless turk’y roast stuffed with cranberry and wild rice. The crunchy crust was a delightful treat. There was also some mushroom gravy. Well, it tasted like mushroom to me. Ordinarily, I am not a gravy fan. I never use it. But this gravy wasn’t greasy or meat based so I actually enjoyed it.

The package states that this holiday roast serves 8 people. I’m not sure that there would be enough meatless turk’y for that many people. This dish is also vegan. We had a side of frozen Mexican Corn from Costco. My better half decided to add some frozen peas to the corn. This was an excellent idea. Both vegetables were bright and tasty.

I have to say that I miss fresh fruit and vegetables a lot more than I thought I ever would. As soon as our self-quarantine is over, we are going to the store to get lots of fruit and vegetables.

I want to thank all the people who are working as first responders. Nurses and doctors who are working so very hard to keep us safe and alive. Also everyone who is working in grocery stores. They are in the front line as well.

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