Chef Olea’s Street Food of Old and New Mexico

In this time of shelter in place, I decided that I have to keep this blog going. I also decided to go to Chef Olea’s Street Food. I needed a taco fix. I haven’t had any Mexican food for over a month. I also wanted to help out the restaurants in Santa Fe that are providing take out. I live in the sticks so delivery is out of the question. (My own choice). Plus I don’t want to put anyone in harms way because of my needs.

So I ordered a vegetariano taco(16). The take out order comes with two tacos a side of rice and some of the best refried black beans I have ever had in my life. The tacos were soft shelled and nice and warm. Inside was a wonderful combination of fried tofu(which was actually tasty) and some of the freshest vegetables you can ever imagine. The corn was so sweet and tender while the tomatoes were bright. There was some zucchini as well as a good size piece of avocado. Yum! As usual, the show stopper was the crema sauce. Chef Olea is noted for his sauces. All of his sauces are truly incredible.

I devoured my meal with a Hard Lime Seltzer from Santa Fe Brewing. There is real lime juice in the seltzer making taste more like an aqua fresca. It was the perfect combination.

During this crisis, Sazon has turned into Street Food of Old and New Mexico. You have the option of pick up or delivery. They have both lunch hours 11-2 and dinner hours 4-7. A 20% tip is added to your Street Food order to help the staff of Sazon through this time.

Santa Fe Brewing is open for beverage take out only. You are able to buy beer, cider, and seltzer. Santa Fe Brewing is open from 4 to 7.

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