Raaga-Go, Gourmet Indian Cuisine, Santa Fe

In my continuing effort to get food and be safe, I decided to try Raaga-Go. Raaga was a very popular Santa Fe restaurant a few years ago. I think that Raaga -Go is a even better version of Raaga. Raaga-Go is a take-out restaurant. That’s it, just take-out. Recently, Chef “Paddy” Rawal beat Bobby Flay on the TV show Beat Bobby Flay. Yes! we have some awesome chefs in Santa Fe.

We decided to order online. I think that food and technology are certainly a good combination. But beware, if it is your first time the order will definitely take longer than you expect. Chef Paddy explained that the online system that he uses employs a credit check system which adds to the time.

I like the ease of ordering on-line. It is simple and straight forward. We decided to have an Indian feast. We ordered the house made roasted pappadum made with lentil and rice wafers(5). The Pappadum was light and airy. It was a delightful bite to accompany dinner. To start, we had the samosas. Samosas are vegetable turnovers stuffed with potatoes and peas(6 for 2 samosas). We had two delicious sauces, a yogurt mint and a sweet sauce. Samosas are some of my favorite Indian food. These were some of the best samosas I have ever had. And believe me I have had many, many samosas. For dinner, I chose the yellow Dal Tadka(12). This delicious dish had small yellow lentils with turmeric, garlic, ginger and cumin. This dish came with a side of some of the best rice I have ever tasted. Once again, it was incredible rice. If you do the little things well, I expect the larger dishes to be something else. The rice was moist and perfectly cooked. Yellow Dal Tadka was vegetarian and gluten free. I am a huge fan of lentils so this was absolutely wonderful. Having small lentils was a nice surprise. You can select your heat level. So, of course, I chose hot. The next highest choice was hell. I’m not interested in hell so hot was the best option for me. When you are ordering you can specify special instructions. What I was most amazed about was the fact that the spices were so good. The spices came through even though I chose a hot version of this dish. That type of cooking shows a pure sophistication. It is really hard to do. This dish was fabulous. I am going to order this delicate balance of hot and spicy again.

My better half had the Khatte Chole(12) which featured garbanzo beans and potatoes infused with ancho, pomegranate, and ginger. Wow! This dish packed a punch in a good way. It was good and hot. Delightful!!!!! It was hot and spicy as well.

I was so impressed with the quality of food that was prepared by Chef Paddy himself. The place is not much on looks with labeled refrigerators in the front, but the food. The food was fabulous! The spices and the colors were just incredible. I can still taste them.

Raaga-Go is open Monday through Saturday 11-2. Last on-line order is for 1:30. Dinner is 4 to 6 or 7 I’m not sure. The hours are different that the hours posted on the website. I would call just to check 505.983.5555.

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