Ras Rody’s Jamaican Vegan Kitchen, Santa Fe

We were on an errand to get dog food at Critters and Me. On Agua Fria across the street, we saw the sign attached to the fence that read Jamaican Vegan Food. We were intrigued. I hadn’t read anything about a new food truck in town. It was also vegan!!!! Even though I am not a vegan, I really enjoy good vegan food. Believe me this is delicious vegan food and it is Jamaican, too.

So after we purchased the much needed dog food, we decided to check out this brand new place. Ras Rody’s has been open in Santa Fe for a little while. According to their website, Ras Rody’s had their food truck in Dunedin, Florida. I think they opened up at the beginning of April. We were sorry that the food truck had to open under such extenuating circumstances. The gentlemen in the food truck said that it was ok. They were doing ok so far.

All of us were all in masks. I am still trying to get used to wearing a mask and seeing other people in them as well. We were also practicing social distancing, too.

We were intrigued by the combo plate (12). The combo plate consisted of: Jamaican superfood casserole, jerked tofu with tomato and coconut sauce, okra and green pea stew, steamed mixed veggies, brown rice, two banana pancakes, and a black bean stew. As you know black beans are one of my favorite foods. These black beans were incredible!!!! They went so well with the brown rice. Yes, it was a very tasty combination. I was concerned about okra in anything that I eat. I have tried okra before and considered it to be one slimy food. I think the okra was cooked down in the green pea stew because I didn’t recognize it if I had gotten any in my portion.

I had never had jerked tofu before. I have a love/ hate relationship with tofu. Tofu is either done well as was the case here or tofu reminds me of rubber.

The banana pancake certainly caught my eye. I thought that was a very cool idea of a combination. It tasted as good as the creativity of the combination.

There were some delicious potatoes that were sliced into small wedges that were crunchy delicious.

We also had a small piece of turmeric bread. It was on top of the potatoes. Yum

The steamed mixed veggies were perfectly steamed. The veggies mix included carrots which was an wonderful treat. It was like a nicely crisp salad. Just delightful!

We received two tiny plastic cups of hot sauce. Wow! That hot sauce really packed a nice hot punch. The sauce reminded me of Marie Sharp’s Hot Habanero Pepper sauce. Wow!

We also purchased a large container of lentil soup(10). I adore lentils! This soup was absolutely wonderful. The spices were perfect. It even had carrots which is always a plus.

We are going back before we run out of dog food. One of my worries is about the restaurants in Santa Fe. How are restaurants going to survive? This is one of the reasons that I am going out to get take out food and continuing to write this blog. Take Care and Stay Strong!

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