Marqt- A healthy food store in Amsterdam, NL

Marqt is a healthy food market that is a local chain in Amsterdam. It was an amazing experience to go there. Marqt was so close to our hotel. We couldn’t believe how light and bright and airy it was, The produce looked fabulous. Everything looked delicious even the eggplant.  I was so impressed I gave the lady at the cheese counter a two thumbs up. She was thrilled. She said this chain was going to expand throughout Amsterdam, then Holland and beyond. I love it! She guessed that I was from the Western part of America. Wow! That too was impressive.

We discussed nutrition. We talked about how much better we felt after not eating meat. I admitted that I still eat fish but not as much as I used to. We only bought some snacks because we are scheduled to leave tomorrow. But next time!