My Best of 2018

These are just the best places that I have been to in 2018. If I haven’t been there in 2018, it is not going to be on my list. Best inexpensive restaurant: Santa Fe,Alicia’s, downtown Santa Fe, Tres Colores Best Mac and Cheese: Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery Best New Food Truck: Root 66 (Vegan) Best Food … Continue reading My Best of 2018

Repeat Eats!

We had company from out of town so we visited some of our favorite places. First, we went to Paper Dosa. It was wonderful. It was a cold night and Paper Dosa served some tasty Sugar Pie Pumpkin Soup (Vegan), Yum! What a treat. We also went back to Tumbleroot @ Agua Fría. We had … Continue reading Repeat Eats!

Tumbleroot Brewing and Distillery, Agua Fria, Santa Fe

We went to the Agua Fria location of Tumbleroot because they serve food here. We were intrigued with this location because Tumbleroot’s has their own kitchen as well as  several food trucks. During our visit Bang Bite Food Truck and Ado’s Kitchen were there. We have eaten at Bang Bite. Ado’s Kitchen had a salmon plate but … Continue reading Tumbleroot Brewing and Distillery, Agua Fria, Santa Fe